Premium energy drink

White Orchid SL together with Trokadero & FM (founded in 2006), have launched a novel, exotic and exclusive energy drink in Spain.


The “Trokadero Diamond”, premium energy drink, is produced by Powerfoods GmbH in Austria and is legally authorized by the EU. Its sole distributor in Spain is White Orchid SL.

This drink has been manufactured with the aim of producing an energy drink that promises a different and exclusive experience.  It is a new product in the market, opening the concept of luxury and revolution in energy drinks.

This product is not only novel and exotic, but also glamorous. Its exquisite flavour makes it unique, its quality is excellent and the design of its packaging is sophisticated and

elegant. It is consumed in gyms, clubs,

events and in many other facilities.

Its main components are taurine,

caffeine and vitamins such as

B12 and B6.